Six Surprising Facts About Home Burglary
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Six Surprising Facts About Home Burglary

A burglary takes place about every eighteen seconds in the United States. The good news is, the more you learn about burglary, the more effectively you can help protect your home and family.

Here are six surprising facts about burglary– and preventative tips– everyone concerned about home security should know.

1. Burglars tend to avoid homes with security systems.

Based on a report by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology, about 60% of convicted burglars stated the presence of a security system influenced their decision to target another home.

Preventative Tip: Get a monitored home security system to help reduce the chance of being a burglary victim. Use the yard signs and window stickers you’re provided with to alert potential intruders to your security system. Make sure the stickers and signs are visible from every approach to your home– not just the front entrance.

2. Most burglaries take place between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of home burglaries take place during daylight hours, not at night. Because most people are at work or school– which reduces the chance the burglar will be noticed, that’s.

Preventative Tip: Install outdoor and indoor motion-activated home security cameras so you can check on your home throughout the day. Plus, you’ll receive an alert if the camera detects motion, so you can evaluate the situation immediately.

3. The majority of break-ins are committed by burglars who live nearby.

The typical burglar resides within two miles of the target home. It’s easy for them to learn your family’s daily schedule and strike when they know you’re not home because they live close. They may also check for signs that you’re on vacation– such as newspapers or flyers piling up at your door, an un-mowed lawn, or trash cans left at the curb.

Preventative Tip: To help minimize the risk of a burglary, vary your routine as much as possible and have someone take care of your home when you’re out of town.

4. Most criminals can burglarize a home in less than ten minutes.

Burglars look for homes that are easy targets. That’s why it doesn’t take long for most intruders to break into a house, get what they want, and take off before being noticed.

Preventative Tip: Strengthen your home’s defense by getting a home security system, keeping all entrances closed and locked, and installing a high-quality front door. Go a step further: join, or form, a neighborhood watch group and use a crime mapping website to keep up-to-date on local crime trends.

5. An astonishing 34% of burglars enter through the front door.

To help further fortify your home against a burglar, use a quality knob-in-lock set with a heavy-duty deadbolt, mount a security camera or motion sensor light above the door, and install a smart doorbell. Never give your house key to workers or hide a key outside your home.

Whether they walk through an open front door or kick in a locked one, burglars aren’t shy about using your home’s primary entry point

6. Only 13.6% of burglaries in 2014 resulted in arrests.

These statistics confirm that using a monitored home security system and taking precautions can help protect your family from a burglary. Learn more about the top home security providers, and find one that meets your needs and budget.

Typically, burglaries are exceptionally hard crimes to solve. Even if the burglar is found, you may not be reunited with your lost property.